The World of Property for Sale in Turkey

Turkey is often where we turn out thoughts to when we think of a perfect holiday with cloudless blue skies and never-ending turquoise seas and relentless sunshine. But Turkey is so much more than just a holiday destination; Turkey can become a lifestyle choice for you, the glossy brochures tell us how we can have the most relaxed two week holiday in this haven of tranquility and then get back to the daily grind of work feeling revitalised and re-energised and that’s it until next year. This is where you can change your lifestyle with property for sale in Turkey. Turkish properties offer the most beautiful properties currently on the market for sale. Luxurious properties are at affordable prices and that’s not to say property for sale in Turkey is cheap! What it does give for example is Turkish property at great prices, whether you’re looking for an apartment in Istanbul, Bursa or Yalova or a villa in Fethiye or possibly a duplex in Alanya, you really are spoilt for choice all you need to decide is do you want a city apartment or a place on the Coast? There are miles of picturesque coastline stretching from the Aegean across to the Mediterranean, panoramic vistas of coves and caves waiting to be explored and palm-fringed beaches where you can relax and bask in the midday sun before taking a dip in the warm inviting sea. Flora and fauna are in abundance with landscaped countryside flanked by majestic mountains and pine forests with olive groves, cities are vibrant and steeped in rich culture and historic architecture, they are just some of the reasons why property for sale in Turkey are high on everyone’s radar.

Welcome to Property for sale in Turkey, here you will find out all you need to know about this culturally diverse country and all it has to offer and how we can help you achieve the ultimate dream of owning your own property here. We are here to guide you in whatever it is you are looking for, a holiday home or permanent residence, by the beach, countryside or in the city we have an outstanding selection of your ideal property in an amazing array of locations. We have everything from newly built projects, off plan, key ready and renovations or buy a plot of land and we can build your perfect villa for you, all you need to do first is to decide on your budget and your location.

City life is thrilling and vibrant and appreciators of history and art will be in their element as Turkey is steeped in rich culture and historic architecture. The history of The Ottoman Empire
is vast it became a world empire which lasted from the end of the 13th century to 1923 lead by the Sultans they were a force to be reckoned with. The skylines are dominated by beautiful Mosques, castles and buildings, highly decorated and adorned with intricate carvings. Art galleries and museums depict Turkey from years gone by and give you insights into its once great empire. The cities are bustling with shops and bazaars, cafes, tea gardens, bars and restaurants where everything is right on your doorstep and you’re in the hub of it all and often they are close to marinas and beaches or ports.

Turkey is a vast country and you won’t be disappointed in its abundance of lush countryside where flora and fauna is both beautiful and plentiful, the landscape is usually surrounded by deep green pine forests and olive groves omitting the most amazing aromas. The mountain backdrop gives shelter to any windy days and provides majestic views. The quaint and traditional villages that are found in the countryside are a welcome change to the busier coastal resorts however you can have the best of both worlds being in the countryside but not far from the beach. These villages are utterly charming and some offer a wonderful insight into traditional farming village lifestyle.

Sun worshippers who love the beach will be in heaven here with miles of picturesque coastline that spans the Aegean to the Mediterranean, the sea changes colour from the deepest midnight blue to clear turquoise to crystal jade. Here you can sit on the pristine palm-fringed beaches and take in the panoramic views of caves, coves and coastal paths. Many of the beaches in Turkey are Blue Flag and some are renowned for being amongst the most beautiful beaches in the world. You can bask in the sunshine and take a dip in the warm sea to cool off it, sounds idyllic and it is.

Currently, there are 57 airports and an impressive 33 offer both domestic and international flights. All the major airports are covered by the primary Airlines from Europe, US, Russia and the Far and the Middle East. For winter flights which are out of season, it may be necessary to fly to Istanbul and then to your destination, these flights are extremely frequent, quick and effortless.

The climate on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts has cool mild (with a little rain) winters and hot moderately dry summers. The mountains close to the coast in the Mediterranean region prevent the continental climate reaching central Turkey. In Istanbul and around the Sea of Marmara the climate is moderate and in the winter the temperature can drop below zero.

There are some great activities you can partake in for example if you’re a keen golfer there are some of best golf courses in the world in Belek which is renowned for its world class golf courses. Horse riding is also a popular pastime with some excellent ranches across Turkey in or near the popular resorts of Bodrum, Izmir, Antalya, and Istanbul. If you’re a fan of water sports then you can’t go wrong, up and down the coastline of Turkey which is over 8000km just about every water sport imaginable is available, windsurfing, jet skiing, white water rafting, canoeing, sea kayaking, kite boarding, scuba diving and diving the list is endless. Yacht and sailing clubs are dotted all across the coastline and there is nothing better than spending the day sailing soaking up the rays.

The diet is Mediterranean style and the foods are delicious, shopping for your weekly groceries at the market is very affordable and you will be amazed at the costs. Everywhere you visit you will see market stalls with fresh produce ranging from fresh fish especially in the harbour towns and villages, fresh fruit and vegetables, homemade cheeses, olives, of course, varieties of nuts, locally produced virgin olive oil, fresh herbs and spices to fresh crusty bread and honey which is still on the honeycomb and you cant get fresher than that!

Eating out is a lovely experience, everything from rustic cuisine to international favourites. There are locally produced beers and a vast array of crisp white, fruity rose and full-bodied red wines too; Raki is served with fresh local fish, green crisp salads, olives and bread. To round off any Turkish meal is a dessert usually, baklava washed down with copious amounts of cay (tea) or traditional Turkish coffee served with fragrant local Turkish delight.

Hopefully this insight to property for sale in Turkey has wetted your appetite, don’t just have your 2 week holiday each year invest in Turkey and enjoy limitless holidays and breaks, because you deserve it. A beautiful warm exotic country in every way, we will be delighted to help you change your lifestyle for the better.


Welcome to the world of property for sale in Turkey. Having gone from being a fringe element in the overseas property world to one of the most talked about markets in the arena, Turkey continues to go from strength to strength.

Once known as the sick man of Europe, Turkey was officially the fastest growing economy in Europe last year, and the fastest in the OECD as well, with GDP growth of 8.5%. This follows growth of around 6% in 2010, which of course followed the recession and 5% contraction in 2009.

Turkey has recovered so strongly from the crisis, because of reforms made to the banking system by the then newly elected AK Party in 2002, in response to the financial crisis it came to power in the wake of. These reforms and those made since are one of the main reasons that property in Turkey is so popular.

What Makes Turkey Property so Popular

The world has been racked by the international financial crisis, most countries now are either experiencing slow growth, still in recession, or facing the prospect of a double dip recession — many of them in Europe. The crisis was a banking one, and banks in many countries are still in a very fragile position. Then you have the European sovereign debt crisis, and even the great US of A being downgraded because of its sovereign debt.

Because Turkey came out of the 2001 financial crisis of its own with a fiscally responsible government in power, it is now in a position of command in Europe and the world. It has low debt, a strong stable economy, and one of the strongest banking sectors in the world. Add to that the rapidly rising population and strong tourism growth and Turkey property has a winning formula.